BORANG PESANAN !!!! Dear my customers, sila isi borang pesanan ini untuk tempahan !! WAJIB, WAJIB & WAJIB untuk all customers !! Booking Days hanya 2 hari saja.. jika tiba-tiba nk batalkan tempahan, sila bagitau kami awal-awal untuk kami open booking kepada customers yg lain.. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY !!
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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

♥we provide outstanding gorgeous shawl,pashmina,handbag and others♥
♥good quality and fast service insyaAllah♥
♥copy of the picture and content of this blog is strictly not allowed unless being informed♥
♥if you buy more,you'll get more discount♥
♥we also sell at wholesale price if you interested to be distributor♥

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